Cosmic superimposition

This is the second part, per se, of the intensely captivating Book: “Ether, God and Devil”, where Wilhelm Reich exposes the concepts of the two latter “inventions” of patriarchy, as a strange phenomena that derives from the same source whence the “whole package” (patriarch, god, devil), originates from, nevertheless: The Ether.

The immense importance of this Book, (if effectively assimilated by being in possession of a sharp and refined set of senses, for it is not only the ability to understand what is written in this Book, but the capability to “connect”, to “identify” oneself with that which is being exposed in His Work),  rests on the fact that “Life” is, finally, explained.

To find the adequate words to describe this book, in a realm of existence where “That which is Alive” lacks an appropriate language, since the latter has also been hijacked and placed under custody of the controllers that decide the meaning of words, is akin to trying to explain the light of the sun, to a person born blind.

Cosmic superimposition” – Wilhelm Reich

Words lack the necessary “Force”, to be able to carry the intense Message contained in this Book, but I will make an attempt, nevertheless.

“Discarding” both god and devil, as “creations” that emanate from the same Common Functional Principle: man, we go back to the “Ether”, what Wilhelm Reich names “The Orgone”. 

This word derives from “orgasm”, being a measurable bioenergetic force that led the path to His Discovery of a Universal Life Force Energy that permeates everything.

This Life Force, not only permeates everything within our limited understanding of space, it is an Ocean whence our planet not only emerged from, but, also “dances” along with the rest of planets and heavenly bodies, as a ball rolls forward on the waves of a vast Cosmic Ocean ……, the Earth is surrounded by an Orgone layer, that propels the planet in a forward motion, within this vast Ocean of Cosmic Energy; planets do not have a closed path, they attract and repel each other in a perfectly synchronised “dance”, and the path they follow is Open, in an Eternal Cosmic Dance.

This Life Force, when “frozen”, is translated into matter. What causes the Orgone to become materialised is the strong attraction of two or more orgonomic streams, and their superimposition, as in the case of Galaxies …..

“M51”, photo credits NASA

This is where the capacity of the reader’s senses to yield to the same Force exposed in this Book, that is, his or her own Life Force, the same Force that makes him/her an integrated part of the Energy that is being exposed, comes into place; it takes Life to be able to comprehend Itself, and anything or anyone that falls short of this “attribute”, does not measure up to assimilate Wilhelm Reich’s Work, in all Its immensity.

Arrogance? No, just a fact. 

To be continued …